Good Morning. Enjoy Bray Wyatt Being Bray Wyatt On A Cheesy Louisiana Morning Show.

“My father was the war and my mother was the society that reinforced it.”

Good morning. Assuming you don’t live in Lafayette, Louisiana and haven’t seen it, here’s Bray Wyatt promoting last night’s Raw on a local morning news show. When I say “Bray Wyatt” I mean Bray Wyatt, as it’s a totally in-character, kayfabe-loving exchange between the Eater Of Worlds and southern Louisiana’s chirpiest morning people.

Inside: Creepy flirting! Bo Dallas question deflection! Discussion about The Shield breaking up that still makes me sad months later! STING TEASES. And, as you might imagine, a hell of an Hawaiian shirt.

[protected-iframe id=”cb1c1822b22286a8882dd5e23c773095-60970621-20122658″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”400″]

h/t to Cageside