Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine Has Some Horrible Opinions About Women’s Wrestling & MMA

During an interview on the Filsinger Games podcast The View, WWE Hall of Famer and former Intercontinental Champion Greg “The Hammer” Valentine made some comments about women that’d make Hulk Hogan say, “hey, brother, that’s enough.”

In it, The Hammer says that he’d fire every female wrestler, recommend domestic pregnancy and, failing that I guess, send them to “the strip bar.” It’s the latest example of why no white wrestler over the age of 60 should be asked to comment on anything culturally or socially relevant to people in 2015, and of how funny it sounds when you call it a “strip bar.”

“As far as girl wrestling, I would send them all out to the strip bar and fire ’em.”

“I’d fire every girl wrestler I ever saw. They don’t draw any money, they have horrible matches. Uh … they’re terrible. That’s the way I feel.”

“They take away jobs from men that need to support their families. They should be home washing dishes and cooking and pregnant and barefoot.”

In case you were wondering if this just applied to women who wrestle, you’re in luck! The Hammer would also send Ronda Rousey to the strip bar, and tell Laila Ali to “know her place.”

“I love women … but they gotta realize their place. They’re not supposed to be wrestlers. They’re not supposed to be MMA fighters or boxers. It’s bullsh*t.”

As pearl-clutching as this will be for most of the upright Internet, it’s worth considering that Valentine was just heeling it up for the interview, and that he might be totally fine with, say, Sasha Banks and Bayley co-main-eventing a sold-out show in the Barclays Center on Saturday. Saying horrifically offensive stuff to make people want to punch him in the face was always Greg Valentine’s M.O.

That said, can somebody please book Greg Valentine vs. Kana?