Guess Who’s Refusing To Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? R-V-D, That’s Who.

Yeah, yeah, I know, another Ice Bucket Challenge story, but wait, this one’s different! This one’s about somebody not doing the challenge, and it ain’t who you might expect.

Nope, it’s not a sour-faced villain refusing to take part, it’s the perpetually stoned guy draped in airbrushed yin-yangs at all times. I get the sense RVD would barely even notice if you dumped a bucket of water on him, but for whatever reason the dude’s making a point of being a real dick about this Ice Bucket Challenge thing…

Hey, dude, when the thing everyone’s doing is having fun while donating to charity, it’s okay to conform. How about you apply that nonconformity to you moveset instead?

But maybe it’s just the water bucket thing. The guy in the tiger-striped spandex jumper has his dignity after all! Fans asked whether RVD would at least donate to the cause, but he stuck firmly to his butthole-ish stance…

I have to say, if RVD brought a little of this personality to his on-screen persona, he’d be one hell of a heel instead of, uh, whatever he is now.

via EWrestlingNews