Heath Slater Says ‘Everyone Hates’ WWE’s Empty-Arena Shows

It’s been a little over a month since WWE cut a large amount of talent from their roster. One of those sports entertainers, Heath Slater (real name Heath Miller), has been keeping his chin up, staying busy with his Face 2 Face Wrestling School in Georgia.

Slater recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. about WWE’s recent decision to go to empty-arena shows inside the WWE Performance Center. Unsurprisingly, the former WWE Superstar didn’t mince his words:

“I hate it. Everyone hates it because the people is what makes it. My goodness! When I was a heel, the best thing was when I would have a dude in a hold and I would hear something. Someone would say, ‘Oh, you suck’ and I’d be like, ‘Oh, you shut your mouth!’ I’d just go off on them and that’s the best feeling in the world. But if there’s no one there and I’m going, ‘Shut your mouth’ then they’re gonna be like what’s he talking about? Is he okay?”

Granted, Slater may just be commenting on this as a fan, as he hasn’t wrestled on WWE TV since February 21, before WWE went into lockdown mode. But he likely has better backstage intel than most of us, even if he claims the intricacies of WWE’s TV contracts, which are largely being considered the reason why WWE hasn’t gone dark or just exclusively aired archival content, are above his pay grade:

“It’s one of those things where you have to go live, even if there ain’t no one there because you already signed the dotted line. Look what’s going on. Hell if I know. That’s above my head. I’m the guy who walks out to cool music and gets to have fun for 15 minutes.”

While Slater is still figuring out his next move, he has launched a ProWrestlingTees store. (I mean, he’s got kids, after all.)