WWE’s Heath Slater Comes To The Aid Of Flood Victims In West Virginia

On June 23, a devastating flood hit West Virginia, killing over 20 people and displacing dozens more from their homes. WWE superstar Heath Slater is from the Mountain State, and now he is doing his part to help out those who were affected by the tragedy.

Slater took a trip down to Clay County, West Virginia on Thursday with the intention of doing what he could to help the community rebuild.

Slater not only helped out with loading supplies and delivering items to those in need, he also used his large social media presence to help spread the word and raise awareness about what people could do to help the cause.

The wreckage left behind that Slater tweeted out was absolutely devastating to see.

The three-time WWE tag team champion also took the time out to meet with families that suffered from the flood.

Slater was also profiled by WVVA, and he said he was just trying to help lift people up during this hard time.

“To me, it was just heartbreaking to see the pictures, and knowing that I had the time off to come up here and try to put some smiles on kids faces and uplift some people…I think I can help too.”

Good on you, Heath.

(Via WVVA, Wrestling Inc)