Here Are Your Final 40 For The New Season Of ‘Tough Enough’

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Who will be the next “Silent Rage” Andy Leavine? We’re one step closer to finding out, as the top 40 contestants for the new season of WWE’s Tough Enough have been named via

Out of the more than 11,000 auditions, these are the 40 selected to visit the WWE Performance Center this week and compete for a spot on the show:

Adam Ohriner, Long Island, New York
Alexander Frekey, Dallas
Alexander Galizia, Springfield, Massachusetts
Amanda Saccomanno, Yorktown Heights, New York
Ashley Urbanski, Oakland, California
Ava Knight-Salicka, Las Vegas
Carly Marshall, Los Angeles
Chelsea Green, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Danielle Kamela, Scottsdale, Arizona
Daria Berenato, Los Angeles
David Michael Barnes, Mandan, New Jersey
Dianna Dahlgren, Spokane, Washington
Don Arner, Pittsburgh
Gabi Castrovinci, Southington, Connecticut
Giorgia Piscina, Brisbane, Australia
Hank Avery Jr., Macon, Georgia
Jason Vazquez, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Jeremiah Kingdom, Los Angeles
Joshua Bredl, Thornton, Colorado
Kahlil Bell, San Jose, California
Kevin Penczek, Belle, West Virgina
Krishany San Jorge, Puerto Rico
LaRayia Gaston, Los Angeles
Lorenzo Davis II, Los Angeles
Mada Abdel Hamid, Los Angeles
Michael Mio, Staten Island, New York
Mike Hayes, Louisville, Kentucky
Nehemiah Kingdom, Los Angeles
Nicholas Cuffari, Lakewood, Ohio
Patrick Clark, Washington, D.C.
Philip Guilford, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Samantha Sage, Los Angeles
Sara Bettencourt, San Jose, California
Sara Lee, Hope, Michigan
Stephen Tezanos-Pinto, Sacramento, California
Tanner Saraceno, Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Tommaso Giannuzzi, Germany
Vinny Tortorella, Staten Island, New York
Zach Boss, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Zamariah “ZZ” Loupe, Bayou Bluff, Louisiana

Not included on the list? Everyone we wanted is on the show. No Keith Apicary running gauntlet matches and fighting Rikishi in his underwear, no Supercop Dick Justice pulling an invisible gun in the middle of a match, not even comedian Gabriel Iglesias being surprisingly threatening.

Zack Ryder’s pal made it, though:

If you don’t think The Big O is a ringer (and you can’t handle his heat), there’s already a reaction video from Ryder himself on WWE’s YouTube Channel. Seems pretty weird to bring in Big O three years after Ryder’s peak relevancy, but if there’s anything WWE needs more of, it’s marginally talented muscle guys who are here because they know people!

Here’s your tune-in information. I’m holding out that maybe I just don’t know the Supercop’s shoot name and he’ll be showing up anyway. Tough Enough needs a Grado.

The WWE Tough Enough mini-camp takes place Wednesday, June 10, through Friday, June 12, culminating with the announcement of the final 13 contestants, who will compete for one-year, $250,000 WWE Superstar and Diva contracts. The journey of the final 40 will be chronicled on a WWE Network exclusive, WWE Tough Enough Competition Special, which airs Tuesday, June 16, at 8 p.m./7 p.m. CST.

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