Here Is A Brief Collection Of Sports People Hanging Out With Adorable Koala Bears

Between the arrest of former University of Nebraska womens basketball player Charlie Rogers and the sexual misconduct accusations at the Paralympics, I think we could all use some happy news right now. Plus, I have my first fantasy football draft tonight so my attention is beginning its descent into Don’t Give A Crapsville’s private airport. Fortunately, in my morning web browsing, I came across the perfect site for all of us.

“F*ck Yeah Celebs Holding Koalas” doesn’t need much of a background, as it’s basically a Tumblr site dedicated to famous people holding my favorite animal (aside from my dog, natch) – the koala bear. Mostly, the site features members of bands that teenage girls love, but I checked and Simple Plan unfortunately never recorded a rad pop punk song about hanging with a koala before missing you, girl.

In between Family Force 5 and the dude from Tokio Hotel who has probably confused a ton of teenage boys, though, are some of our favorite pro wrestlers, a tennis star, and women we enjoy looking at. But mostly, koalas.

“Hey Brooklyn Decker, my attractive Sports Illustrated swimsuit model wife, we should get our own koala bear. What do you think?”

“I’ll tell you what, Andy. You win a major and then you can have a koala bear of your own.”

“It’s just us now, koala bear.”

I feel like Tom Brady’s wife was less visiting the animals and more picking out dinner.

The koala wins by submission.

Possibly my favorite picture that has ever appeared on this site.

The greatest Jewish professional wrestler of all-time.

“Hey koala, did I ever tell you how I’m the greatest Jewish wrestler of all-time?”

This is like Koko B. Ware 2.0.

Suddenly I feel like koalas are overrated.

I hope they make Kane wear his mask everywhere, too.

This may be my second favorite picture that we’ve ever posted.

Regal gets no respect.

And yes, this is the real reason that I put this thing together.