Here’s A Couple Of Extremely Lucky Kids Touring The WWE Performance Center

Hey, want to be jealous of a couple of kids?

WWE just uploaded a video of Superstars For Kids auction winners claiming their prize of a guided, VIP tour of the WWE Performance Center, NXT and Full Sail University personally led by Triple H. I put “lucky” in the headline, but maybe “rich” is the better word? Regardless, it was an awesome prize won via a donation to a great cause, so enjoy watching these kids hang out with Dusty Rhodes, do Adrian Neville’s ring entrance on the NXT set and get a bunch of high quality merch.

I thought the highlight would be them having an adorable interaction with Bayley, but Triple H wins the day.

“Who’s your favorites?”
“Me, I’m a John Cena guy.”
“Eh, that’s all right, you’ll get over it.”