Here’s A New Photo Of The Undertaker To Get You Depressed About WrestleMania

Since having his undefeated streak conquered by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, the future of The Undertaker has been in question. He became an adorable Instagram dad who organizes family fun runs, and Fred Durst thinks he’s going to die.

At the same time, WrestleMania 31 plans are leaking and Taker’s featured prominently in the Mania promotional art on WWE’s production trucks. So, what’s going on? Is Taker fine? Is he not? Is he coming back for WrestleMania? Is he not?

Allow this photo taken at an airport over the weekend answer your questions:

Ohhh no. Was Fred Durst right?

Of course, hey, we’ve still got four months until WrestleMania, and nobody looks good waiting for a flight. Brock Lesnar probably looks like an emaciated hobo if his flight’s delayed and all he’s got to eat is airport food. All Taker needs is a few weekends in the gym and some Just For Men and he’s set. Right? Maybe Undertaker’s like Tinkerbell, and we have to clap our hands to show we believe.

Or, uh, maybe we should just induct him into the Hall of Fame and let him be a happy old man.

h/t BroBible