Here’s A Scottish Soccer Player Celebrating A Goal With An RKO. FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!

The meme is real.

Well, the meme was a real thing before it was a meme, but now it’s DOUBLE REAL. Scottish soccer players are celebrating goals with RKOs, because Randy Orton’s finisher showing up where it shouldn’t is the most important thing on the Internet. More important than ebola, more important than Taylor Swift, more important than Becky from Glee’s leaked nudes. The world is currently FROM OUTTA NOWHERE.

Scottish soccer player Gary Harkins celebrates his goal against Motherwell with this epic RKO Outta Nowhere move, as made famous by WWE superstar ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton. The craze has gone viral recently with people making their own version of the famous finishing move, and a spoof video of Orton taking down Arturo Vidal against Real Madrid has been sweeping the web! What do you think of this effort?

What I think is that “RKO Outta Nowhere” should be the name’s official move. Check it out:

Japanese teams should celebrate by throwing Rainmakers.