Here’s An Adorable Child Identifying WWE Entrance Themes Faster Than You Could

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.21.14 29 Comments

Meet Beckett Sage. He’s a 2-year old with an NXT name. He loves WWE and can identify most of its signature entrance themes before you realize music’s playing. It’s not a 2-year old impersonating “I am not a goat face” era Daniel Bryan, but it’ll do.

Critical analysis: He’s two, though, so sometimes the dad will play a song and he’ll go BLEEHHHHH and the dad’ll be all THAT’S RIGHT IT’S CHRIS JERICHO. Also, he’s looking at the screen PLAYING those WWE themes, so unless the dad labeled them MYSTERYSONG.MP3 or whatever there’s probably a little square picture of Kane to go along with the music.

Uncritical analysis: hahaha every 2-year old should have their life affirmed by Bo Dallas.

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