Here’s An Update On Heath Slater’s Assault Charges And It’s Good News, Bay-Bay!

This is good news. This is good news for AMERICA.

Last month news re-broke about an alleged assault incident at a WrestleMania 27 after-party involving WWE Superstar and sometimes musician Heath Slater. The story was that Slater had propositioned a female security guard, and when she turned him down he tried to force her into an elevator. Police issued a warrant three years later, and Slater went on an indefinite leave from WWE. Rumors of him being replaced in his tag team by NXT’s Tyler Breeze began to surface, and things looked worse and worse.

According to PWInsider, the issue has been resolved, all criminal charges have been dropped and Slater could return to action any day now. YEAH BAY-BAYYYY!

All criminal charges against WWE star Heath Slater were dropped earlier today in Atlanta, GA, has confirmed.

While the incident allegedly took place in April 2011, Oliver did not report it to Georgia police until June of that year. At the time, her attorney, Jackie Patterson, claimed that Oliver initially reported the incident to her supervisor at Allied Barton, the firm which employed her. The firm told Oliver that they would get the issue resolved and when they didn’t happen, she made the decision at that time to pursue criminal charges.

Slater publicly denied all the charges when the arrest warrant was filed, stating they were “completely frivolous” and that they would be thrown out once a judge heard the evidence. Slater, at least in regard to the criminal matter, was correct.

Slater was pulled from the road once the arrest warrant was issued. With the charges dropped, he could be returning to WWE action as quickly as this week’s TV tapings in Texas.

It’s a good week for arrested pro wrestlers, I guess, as Kevin Nash was also recently cleared of battery charges for fighting his teenage son on Christmas eve.

But hey, Heath Slater back on WWE TV? The return of Slater Gator? Tyler Breeze not being shoe-horned into a replacement gimmick and left to die? FULL AIR GUITAR CELEBRATION!