Here’s Everything You Need To Know About WWE And Subway’s Jared Fogle

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07.07.15 24 Comments

Well, there’s a headline I never expected to write.

As you may have heard from your friends rushing to be the first in your circle to make the “Eat Fresh” joke, authorities raided the home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle on Tuesday morning for connection with an ongoing child-pornography investigation. Russell Taylor, director of Fogle’s Jared Foundation, was arrested in April after being allegedly found with more than 500 videos.

Subway’s Jared has made numerous appearances on WWE television, so today we’re going to look back at as many of those as we can remember. If Jared showed up in the front row at Night Of Champions to wave to the crowd or something, we apologize for leaving it out.

2006: So Much Meat

The earliest Jared/WWE connections come from early in John Cena’s WWE Championship career, when he popped up in a pair of Subway commercials. In the first (and unfortunately most topical), Cena gets jealous of a child’s double-meat sandwich from Subway Restaurants and agrees to trade him an appearance at his next birthday party. It ends with Cena covered in children, yelling I CAN’T RESIST THAT DOUBLE MEAT.

Cena also shows up alongside Jared on Jared’s home turf to once again shill the double meat. This time they do a Miller Lite “great taste/less filling” joke, and Big Sandwich John stares Jared down for not appreciating the amount of meat present. I was hoping for a “some a y’all like Subway sandwiches and some a y’all don’t, that’s OK” from Cena, but I guess that comes later.

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