Here’s Former WWE Star Yoshi Tatsu Getting His Neck Broken By A Styles Clash

Here’s something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Yoshi Tatsu.

Per Wrestling News World (and announcements from New Japan and Yoshi himself), the former WWE player and current NJPW star has two broken bones in his neck after taking an AJ Styles Styles Clash.

The move happened at the November 8 Power Struggle 2014 event, and is pretty gnarly. Here it is in GIF form, via Senor Lariato.

Good lord.

Here’s the trick to a Styles Clash. Wrestlers are taught to bump by tucking their chin to their chest, right? That’s how you take most moves. With the Styles Clash, you do the opposite … you throw your head back so it clears the mat on the way down and ends with you on your face. If you tuck your chin, your neck gets broken. Ask Kazarian, Roderick Strong or Lionheart.

Here’s the match in its entirety.