Here’s Proof The Rock Does Not Skip Leg Day

The Rock does not skip leg day. Ever.

Two weeks ago, we gave you details of The Rock’s legendary diet, which included 10 pounds of food every day and 800 pounds of cod every year. In short, the man eats like a bear preparing for hibernation, shoving as much food into his mouth as possible.

But there’s a method to The Rock’s madness. Over the years, he’s mentioned how much he loves working out, how he finds the gym to be a soothing experience in the morning. He’s also talked ad nauseam about his leg routine, calling it his favorite part of the week (that picture above is from his Monday session).

In 2014, Muscle and Fitness got the skinny on his workout and how he produces legs that look like tree trunks:


3 sets per exercise
15 reps – pyramid up in weight 3rd set being the heaviest

Single-Leg Leg press
Walking Lunges (20 steps w/dumbells)
Romanian Deadlift
Seated Leg Curls


3 sets per exercise
25 reps

Leg Press Single-Leg Calf Raise
Standing Single-Leg Calf Raise w/dumbbells
Seated Calf Raise