Here’s The Best Ukulele-Playing Pro Wrestler You’ll See Today

02.26.15 4 years ago 3 Comments


It’s a story as old as time itself… You’re a 6-foot-4 Tongan heavyweight living and working in Japan, and you’ve got a little time to kill as you’re doing laundry.  Common dilemma, right?  So why not make the most of the situation and jam to some island music?  That’s exactly what Bad Luck Fale filmed himself doing in April of last year.  I have no idea why I only recently discovered this footage, because it is wonderful and I feel like I should have gravitated toward it instantly.  If you’re making it a point to watch New Japan Pro Wrestling (and I sincerely hope that a lot of you are), you’ll recognize Fale as THE UNDERBOSS, basically serving as Bullet Club’s bouncer.  And now, to counter-balance that tough guy image, here he is with a beautiful ukulele session.

I don’t know about you guys and gals, but I’m extremely at peace right now.  Never underestimate the meditative powers of the uke.

This video comes straight to us from Fale’s personal YouTube channel, where he occasionally uploads his adventures with the New Japan roster.  There’s some great stuff on there, I’d recommend checking it out.  I, for one, enjoy the video of Yujiro Takahashi cursing as he eats seafood because it reminds me of the Basic English class scene from Stripes.  Also, now I really want to see the Bullet Club rebooted as a folksy jam band.  Somebody buy AJ Styles a harmonica, please.

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