Here’s Your First Look At The New WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt

08.06.14 5 years ago 52 Comments

It’s a day of leaks at WWE headquarters.

First, a photo of a production truck with SMACKDOWN WILL BE ON THURSDAYS AGAIN SOON on the side goes viral. Now, what appears to be a photo of the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt is making the rounds.

So … basically the WWE Championship belt with the WWE Network on it. Hey, at least it doesn’t spin.

The last time a single title belt represented an undisputed WWE Champion was the appropriately-named WWE Undisputed Championship belt in 2002. The championship became disputed again when then-champion Brock Lesnar decided he was only going to defend it on Smackdown, and the “World Heavyweight Championship” was reappropriate and handed to Triple H on Raw. The title itself became unified again at December’s TLC pay-per-view when Randy Orton defeated John Cena to become the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but two belts have represented it since then. John Cena wears them like a scarf.

It looks like somebody’s class ring, but it’s progress.

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