Hey Kids Of The 80s, Kamala Is Kickstarting An Autobiography Written By Kim Chee

Oh, Kamala. The Ugandan Giant gimmick may have been kinda, really, horrifically racist, but if you were a fan during the 80s or early-90s, Kamala was a big part of your wrestling life, and the guy behind the character, James Harris, has always seemed like a thoroughly lovely human being.

At the very least Harris is certainly a guy with some stories to tell, so you may be interested to know that an official Kamala autobiography is looking for funding as we speak. Kamala’s Kickstarter is definitely something you’re going to want to check out — it pretty closely resembles what might happen if one of us here at With Leather got drunk and decided to write a parody Kamala Kickstarter page at three in the morning.

First off, this is the Kickstarter’s introduction…

KAMALA SPEAKS is a WWE main event wrestler autobiography – an inspirational story of overcoming obstacles & losing both legs to diabetes.

I’d, uh, say the former is maybe a bit more inspirational than the latter. Jeez.

Oh, and I already spoiled the fact that the book is being written by Kim Chee in the title, because sometimes life is a ridiculous cartoon, but guess who Kamala turned to for advice when Kim Chee pitched the book idea? “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware, because duh. The Kickstarter doesn’t specify this, but I think we can we all agree that Koko likely did some pretty serious consulting with Frankie before giving his blessing to the project.

You want guest contributors? The book features seven forwards, by the likes of Jim Ross, Mick Foley, Bill Watts, Koko and VIOLENT J of the Insane Clown Posse. Dozens of others from Jake Roberts to Barry Darsow to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan provide additional quotes and passages. Also, did you know Kamala once pulled a gun on Andre the Giant? The shit’s true, and the book promises to be full of good dirt like that.

But what about backer rewards? Well for $200 you can get your very own KAMALA WORN SKIRT. Sexy.

So yeah, this is pretty much the best Kickstarter ever. If you want to help out a guy who entertained and scared you as a kid as he weathers some tough times, you can do that right here, and don’t you dare hold back on the self-congratulatory belly slaps when you make your donation.