Hideo Itami Called Out CM Punk In A Super Serious Twitter Blood Feud

Working on a new tone for these posts, let’s see how it works.

NXT Superstar Hideo Itami SHOCKED the wrestling world last night when he VICIOUSLY attacked former WWE star and current UFC signee Phil “CM Punk” Brooks for STEALING his signature move and LYING about it. The two BUTTED HEADS on social media after some wrestler nobody’s ever heard of caused Punk to talk trash, and Itami quickly pointed at him, yelled YAAAAAAAHHH and dropkicked him in the corner. With FACTS.

I think my caps lock is broken. Anyway, here’s the exchange:

Then, with perfect pitch:

To continue the journalistic integrity, here are totally comparable and not-biased-at-all comparison videos of Punk and Itami hitting the Go 2 Sleep. See which one you like more!

In all seriousness, the timing couldn’t have worked out better for Itami. Many of WWE’s most popular stars have adopted his signature moves as their own, from Punk’s GTS to Daniel Bryan’s running knee. Now Bryan’s career is in constant jeopardy, and Punk’s off doing something else entirely. By the time Itami’s on the main roster, he could have his entire Pro Wrestling NOAH moveset intact.

Also in all seriousness, I want CM Punk to randomly show up in NXT and hit Itami with a GTS. And then I want the Young Buck to run in and superkick them both.

h/t to Black Sports Online