Watch The Touching Moment When This Undefeated HS Wrestler Showed What Sportsmanship Is All About

01.28.16 3 years ago 20 Comments

Every once in a while, sports gives us a feel-good moment, one of those times where sportsmanship trumps everything.

A high school wrestling match in Massachusetts took an interesting turn when undefeated senior Deven Schuko received his first loss of the season. Schuko had a pristine 27-0 record before facing Dighton Rehoboth’s High School. But Schuko won’t be too disappointed with this loss. He threw the match to an opponent with special needs.

The young wrestler from Dighton Rehoboth pinned Schuko to the mat twice with a large applause from the crowd. He then walked off the floor and threw up a “Jordan shrug” because even he couldn’t believe it. It’s just one loss for Schuko, but it’s a moment that young wrestler will never forget.

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