Highly Questionable Asked CM Punk About Pooping, Divas And Sharing Food With Dana White

Hey, want to watch Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones have a terrible interview with CM Punk?

The WWE Champion turned MMA fighter turned everything else stopped by Highly Questionable, and the results were … well, you can make that joke. They ask Punk about fights he’s won, crazy party stories and hooking up with Divas, and Punk answers them with “eh, well” for seven-ish minutes.

The highlight is a family friendly version of a Charles Barkley story involving a drunken, fat Hornswoggle. Check it out:

Partying with Charles Barkley? That sounds like another wrestler we know.

Maybe Thursday’s appearance on Off The Record will get better answers. Also, if you’re wondering whether or not Punk signing with UFC was a good business decision for the league, notice how there’s a new Punk talk show appearance every day. He does a lot of interviews for a guy who’s 0-0 lifetime.