Hulk Hogan Thinks ‘Abusive’ Media Coverage Of His Scandal Has Made Him A Sympathetic Figure

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After the events of the last few months, you’d think Hulk Hogan would just hunker down for a bit and let the storm clear, but nope, the Hulkamania express is still out there, huffing down the tracks. Hogan will be heading out for UK speaking/sadness tour in November, and so he popped up on a BBC Radio show (woo, classy) to do a little promotion. During the interview, Hogan was asked about his recent racist porno scandal, and it seems as though Hogan is done with apologizing and making excuses, and ready to start playing the victim!

“Why did I say it? I don’t know why I said it. Biggest mistake I’ve ever done. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. It’s kind of like The Rock said, ‘Everybody talks smack once in a while.’ I was in a bad place, and it doesn’t even matter that it was said in private. I never should have said it, I feel horrible for it.

Yeah, it affected my career. It’s been a crazy ride the last couple months because at first, everybody knee-jerk reacted and kind of went crazy, then went ‘Wait a minute, we know who this guy is!’ and they thought about it and realized what the situation was. That this one thing doesn’t define what we feel or what we think about Hulk Hogan. Then, a lot of the critics and the media who beat on me so hard, they actually got sympathy on me. People actually feel bad that the media’s been so abusive. So it’s been a crazy couple months, but everybody out there knows who I am and I’m really good right now.”

In case you needed any more confirmation that Hulk Hogan is living in an impenetrable bubble and has no idea what the outside world thinks of him, well, there you are.

Listen, Hulkster, there absolutely is too much piling-on in today’s society, but when the media is, “Oh dang, look at this sh*t” when a former children’s entertainer is caught dropping multiple n-bombs in the middle of his amateur porn tape, that’s not abuse, that’s them doing their damn jobs. Also, sorry, you don’t get to be the ultimate pro-wrestling kayfaber for 30 years, then play the “you know I’m not like that” card. I didn’t think you were, but then you also convinced me vitamins would make me a 300-pound muscleman as a kid, so I’m starting to question a lot of things.

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