Watch John C. Reilly Chairshot WWE’s Braun Strowman In The New ‘Holmes And Watson’ Trailer

It’s been a big year for one of WWE‘s biggest stars (literally and figuratively), Braun Strowman. He won the tag titles with a child as his partner at WrestleMania, became Mr. Money Monster In The Bank, and will face Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at next week’s Super Show-Down in Australia. He’s also the latest WWE wrestler to appear in a major Hollywood movie, upcoming Sherlock Holmes parody film Holmes & Watson, which stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Strowman appears briefly in the trailer at 1:32, looking exactly like he does on Raw. Except this time he eats a chairshot from Reilly.

This is an exciting opportunity for one of the most charismatic performers in pro wrestling right now and a great opportunity to show your family and friends that video of him flipping an ambulance again, but we have a few questions.

  • It looks like he’s probably in that ring with Will Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes. Will we see him hit a running powerslam on Will Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes?
  • It also looks like Steve Coogan supports him in this match. Will we and can we please see an interaction between Braun Strowman and Steve Coogan???
  • Most importantly, will this prompt a Hollywood Strowman heel turn?

Holmes & Watson hits theaters on December 21, so we’ll know more about Strowman’s role in the film a bit more then. Hopefully he does a bit more than just eat a chair.