Hulk Hogan Is Training Riff Raff To Become A Wrestler In 2014’s Worst Combination Of Things

MTV RiFF RaFF is a rapper, but you probably know him best as an awkward celebrity also-ran or the real life version of James Franco from Spring Breakers. All you really need to know about him is that he loves neon, and one time it made him dye his dog blue.

Earlier today Nick Hogan tweeted that he’d almost convinced Riff Raff to wrestle, and that snowballed — literally, in some definitions — into Riff promising to get that “neon title belt” and Hulk Hogan cutting promos about it. It’s the most bizarre thing you’ll watch today. I’d say “this year,” but we’ve still got a couple of days left. I don’t know, maybe bigfoot’s real.

Maybe he’ll compete at WrestleMania and show Cesaro what it means to have “it.”