Hulk Hogan Wants His Son, Nick, To Play Him In A Movie About His Life

It was only a matter of time before someone started planning a movie about Terry Gene Bollea, AKA Hulk Hogan, because between the iconic, world champion professional wrestling career and his current status as a breastaurant owner and star of the 8th best wrestling program on Thursday nights, it’s a story that people would probably love to see. Of course, it also helps that the Hulkster has a hilariously inept family life, made a sex tape with his former best friend’s wife and has a son who cried in jail, so yes, a lot of us want this movie to happen.

What we should have also expected is that Hulk himself is developing the biopic and he wants his own son, Nick Hogan, to play his young version. This has to happen, Hollywood. It has to.

Meanwhile, Peter Pan Hogan posted the banner image to his Twitter last night, as Michael Jordan and Fat Joe apparently hooked him up with all the new Jordan shoes, which leaves me with these questions:

Does Hulk know he’s 59?

At what point does a 59-year old stop wearing basketball shoes?

Why did he pose like that?

Does he smell like Ben Gay and Drakkar all the time?

Did Linda show up five minutes later and demand half the shoes?

Did Hulk take one of the shoes out of the box, look at Brooke and say, “You know what they say about big shoes?” and wink?

Did these two Hulk followers end up getting married?

Hopefully these questions will be answered in the movie.