Hulk Hogan’s Latest Spiel Combines Racism And Dorky Dad-Talk In One Mortifying Package

Well, you know how it goes, another day, another batch of racially-charged Hulk Hogan comments. I have a feeling these stories may continue seep out for some time. The latest damaging comments come from a jailhouse conversation Hogan had with his son Nick back in 2008 (can’t blame Gawker for this one). Nick was of course serving time on a reckless driving charge, after the crash that left his friend John Graziano disabled for life.

Before you read any further, a warning: This conversation is pretty mortifying. Both because it’s totally racially insensitive, and because Hulk comes off as the most cringeworthy, uncool “cool dad” in history. Get ready to be red in the face from anger and second-hand embarrassment. Here’s the conversation, courtesy of Bay News 9

Hulk: You and me ‘been sitting on some serious phone, phone dialogue here, n*gga.

Nick: Yeah, nibb-ah.

Hulk: N*gga, n*gga, that means, that means you’re my best friend.

Hulk: You know that God gave you this vibe and this, this, energy that you and I are going to live forever, bro. I just hope we don’t come back as a couple, I don’t want to say it, blizz-ack gizz-uys, you know what I’m saying?

Nick: Brutal [Nick and Hulk laugh].

Nick: It’s down in St. Pete, and it’s mixed-race, and we get along with everybody, so that’s fine.

Hulk: Your mom went there and said it was mainly blizz, you know what I’m sizz-aying?

Nick: Mm-hm.

Hulk: And that some of the ladies there that, you know, run the school are nice blizz lizz-adies, you know?

Nick: Mm-hm… I would go down there, I would make friends with all those kids down there. I guarantee it. Because you know how all the blizz pizz love us.

Blizz pizz? What are you even talking about? You can almost write this off as a wildly out-of-touch old man trying to relate to his horrible son, but then there’s the part where Hulk is just, “Hope we don’t die and come back as black people!” out of nowhere. I’m pretty sure a person who’s not racist never has a gem like that even cross their mind.

Keep it tuned for all the latest news on Hulk Hogan being a guy you’d never, ever want to hang out with.

via Bay News 9