Hulk Hogan Is Suing Gawker Again For Allegedly Leaking His Racist Rant

hulk hogan
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Remember when Hulk Hogan was awarded $140 million in damages from Gawker Media for their role in his sex tape scandal? It looks like that’s not all Gawker will owe him, as the Hulkster’s going back to the well.

Per the New York Post, the disgraced wrestling legend has filed a second suit against Gawker for allegedly leaking the racist tirades from the sex tapes to The Enquirer and getting him fired from WWE in the first place. The new suit says Hogan’s “income was cut off, his legacy in entertainment was severely damaged (if not completely destroyed), and his global brand was forever tarnished.” Well, we can’t argue with that.

In the new suit, Hogan is also going after a group of Florida residents, including another radio DJ named Mike “Cowhead” Calta, for sending at least one of his secretly recorded sex tapes to Gawker.

Law enforcement officials declined to pursue criminal charges against Calta and others involved in the alleged leak.

Gawker is appealing the $140 million jury verdict over the first sex tape and has denied that it leaked the sealed transcript to the Enquirer.

In other words,

We’ll keep you updated on the story as it develops, and whether or not it involves more unsettling conversations about kayfabed penis lengths.