Hulk Hogan Is Still On His WrestleMania 32 Training Schedule, Is Aiming For ‘Something Big’

What a difference a year makes. 

Hulk Hogan turns 62 today. You’d think this wouldn’t be a terribly happy birthday, given Hogan’s career is still reeling after racist, homophobic and otherwise terrible comments he made during unauthorized sex tapes were made public, but The Hulkster seems to be staying positive. In between retweeting birthday wishes from his fans, Hogan also dropped this little gem

Say what? Maybe you should work on getting WWE to acknowledge you exist first, brother. Hogan would later clarify that he was working toward WrestleMania 32, but now he’s just training for “something big” in the general vicinity of WrestleMania. Uh huh.

Let’s be honest, WWE is probably going to mend fences with Hogan someday. WWE completely writing Hulk Hogan out of their history would be like Marvel deciding they were going to ignore anything written by Stan Lee. So much of WWE’s mythology is wrapped up in Hulkamania that it’s going to be incredibly hard to kill it for good. That said, Hogan’s being wildly optimistic/delusional if he thinks anybody wants to see him do “something big” in the ring anytime soon. For the next little while, keeping his big trap shut should be the only big thing Hulk Hogan need concern himself with.

(Via Wrestling Inc.)