Hulk Hogan Will Not Stand For An MMA Bisexual Reality Show Using His Fake Last Name

Yesterday we introduced you to David Bollea, aka “King David Hogan,” MMA-fighting nephew of wrestling great Hulk Hogan and the proprietor of My Girlfriend Wants A Girlfriend, a reality show about how bisexual ladies want to do it with him.

Welp, it turns out that the Hulkster — a man who had both a bad reality show AND a sex tape — won’t stand for it. He’s lashing out at King David in the hopes of protecting “the Hogan brand,” claiming that while David might technically be family, he’s not really “family.” Whatcha gonna do when semantics run wild on you? TMZ expounds:

But Hulk is PISSED — telling TMZ Sports he barely knows the guy and can’t believe he would try to cash in on the Hogan name without permission.

“I’ve only met him twice in my entire life … he knows nothing about the Hogan family, the Hogan name and has no right to use it,” Hulk says.
And now for the threat … “I will pursue legal action against him for diminishing the Hogan brand.”

As much as I love pro wrestling, keep in mind that Hogan’s legacy is “wearing yellow underpants and feather boas and ripping off his shirt before pretending to fight,” so as bad as it is, I don’t think “internet reality show featuring an MMA fighter nobody knows hooking up with random ladies” is going to irreparably damage the brand. Also, if Horace Hogan could call himself a brand-approved “Hogan,” King David’s not gonna be much worse.

Still, though, much like My Girlfriend Wants A Girlfriend itself, I hope this issue comes to blows.