Hulk Hogan’s Hand Is Now Grosser Than The Rest Of Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was hangin’ and bangin’ beside a radiator this weekend when it exploded, severely burning his left hand. I, like many people who found out about the accident via Hogan’s Twitter, approached the injury with the same morbid curiosity I used when his sex tape was released and I heard his junk was like a leathery Pringles can.

The 59-year-old wrestling legend posted a series of tough guy snaps to Twitter of his blistered digits, which had substantially increased in size due to the singe.

Hulk captioned his gory pictures with steely but humorous references to the scalded appendage as he headed to the emergency room at the Tampa General Hospital. (via Daily Mail)

Of course, by “humorous references” they mean tweets like “ouch,” “double ouch” and “triple ouch.”

I’m including the photos after the jump (or, if you came here via a direct link, below these words) so proceed with caution, because this is the most real injury Hogan’s had since that time a giant and a mummy force-hugged him like a sandwich. Graphic images are ahead. Pretend you’re watching a late-90s WCW PPV main event and view them with one or both hands over your face.

Enjoy. *shudder*

There are almost too many jokes to be made, so I’ll go with this one: “It’s strange to see Hogan putting over something this hot.” Alternately, “I’m surprised Hogan sold for the radiator.”

Get well soon, Hulkster’s hand. And stay away from Brooke.