I’m Afraid I’ve Got Some News That Isn’t Very Good About Bad News Barrett

If you’re like most WWE fans, you loved Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental title defense against Dolph Ziggler on Monday and were looking forward to seeing him compete in one of the Money in the Bank ladder matches on Sunday’s pay-per-view. Well I’m afraid I’ve got some news you will not enjoy reading!

According to WWE.com, Barrett’s down with a shoulder injury after Jack Swagger tossed him into the ringside barricade during Tuesday night’s Smackdown tapings.

“After Barrett felt an immediate pain and a pop,” continued [WWE physician Dr. Chris] Amann, “we brought him back to the training room and the exam showed a separated shoulder. We’re going to do some additional testing this week and then sit down with him and talk about options for treatment for this injury.”

As of yet, no official determination has not been made yet in terms of Barrett’s participation in Sunday’s Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match.

Two things:

1. Jack Swagger loves injuring guys who have momentum, doesn’t he?

2. The real bad news is that Barrett is the worst kind of injury prone. Back in 2012, he dislocated his elbow during a battle royal on Raw and missed WrestleMania 28. Rumor going around at the time is that WWE was building that year’s WrestleMania Money in the Bank match around Barrett and had planned to give him the win. The worst thing you can do is lose the faith of management, so he spent the next year and a half losing to everybody, whether he was holding the IC title or not. ESPECIALLY if he was holding the IC title. Now we’re heading into 2014’s Money in the Bank show with Barrett as one of the favorites, and down he goes again. Really disappointing timing.

We will keep you updated, especially if there’s any Good News. Until then, here’s BNB talking about the World Cup.