Impact Wrestling And Global Force Wrestling Have Officially Merged

For a few years now, Jeff Jarrett has been searching for a television home for his promotion, Global Force Wrestling, which has something like 16 weeks of shows already taped and in the can. There’s been no news of an impending deal on that front in some time, and now Jarrett is focused on his new duties (same as the old duties) of once again running Impact Wrestling.

It was rumored since before Jarrett was officially back that his return could mean a partnership with Global Force, and that proved to be the case right away, as GFW roster members like Reno Scum and Kongo Kong began popping up. Now it’s not only official, but the two companies are now one.

On Thursday night’s episode of Impact, Karen Jarrett made the announcement that Global Force and Impact Wrestling have fully merged. Global Force women’s champion Christina Von Eerie has signed with Impact, and will make her debut on next week’s show, and more details on what this merger means are likely forthcoming.

Impact has certainly done a fair amount of wheeling, dealing, moving, and/or shaking since the new regime took over, as they are now officially partnered with AAA (and sort of by extension, Lucha Underground), and are a big part of the World of Sport relaunch on ITV in the U.K. Maybe this is the year Impact truly becomes a … global force in wrestling.

(Nailed it.)