Impact Wrestling Parted Ways With Two Wrestlers In One Weekend

This past weekend, Impact Wrestling’s own American Bram announced that he’s parted ways with the company:

“Thanks to all of Impact wrestling fans and the guys I worked with. Blessed to have worked with you all since 2009. New chapters happen often and I will keep being the Modern Day Viking like always. Romans 8:28”

Gunner had recently re-signed a multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling, though no concrete details have come out yet regarding whether this was a decision Gunner made for himself, or if he was released. Rumors have it that it was not his decision, and that WWE is apparently interested in signing him.

After Gunner, Sam Shaw mentioned his departure on Twitter as well:

First Brittany, then Christy Hemme, then Gunner, now Sam Shaw. That angle where Sam Shaw jerked off to a doll made of Hemme’s hair, then stalked and potentially sexually assaulted her, then was put into a mental institution only to be rescued by Gunner because being a sexual predator is the same as having post-combat PTSD, and then where Sam Shaw tried to become Gunner, and then was lured away by “crazy girl” Brittany because humping in the ring is cooler than hanging out with Gunner really didn’t work out well for anyone, huh? If we see Mr. Anderson part ways, we’ll know that entire storyline really was the Montezuma’s Revenge of pro wrestling.

Of course, the saddest part of this isn’t that we’ll miss out on sweet Gunner spots like this:

The true sadness is that my dream of one day having Gunner’s father Rick Lail grace our screens once again is dead. Let’s relive the magic of Sad Dad:

Vaya con Dios, Sad Dad. You’ll always be a Best in our hearts.