Who Is And Who Isn’t Likely To Show Up In Impact Wrestling Soon

The biggest pay-per-view of the year in Impact Wrestling (not TNA or GFW, but Impact Wrestling…we think) takes place this Sunday night November 5 in Ottawa, Ontario. Following Bound for Glory, Impact is taping their television show in the same building in Ottawa during the week as well.

There are a lot of items out there about the current Impact Wrestling roster. We noted that Rockstar Spud is no longer with the company after five years and there’s info on others that are a part of the company that aren’t being used while some new talent is being brought in.

Last week, there was a report from PWInsider noting that Ricochet/Prince Puma was being offered a deal to come in, but they confirmed today that he is not coming saying the deal has fallen through. That’s likely because he is likely headed to WWE in January when he’s contractually able to do so.

Tessa Blanchard, who is Richochet’s girlfriend, is coming into the tapings in Ottawa according to PWInsider. She was last seen at WWE’s Mae Young Classic earlier this summer, but she was not offered a WWE deal after the tournament. It’s not known yet if it’s a per appearance deal or if she signed a contract.

Sami Callahan is definitely coming into the company following Bound for Glory, which was already teased in a video with the OVE tag team.

Braxton Sutter, who is signed to Impact, is not going to be a part of the tapings even though he lives in Buffalo, which isn’t that far from Ottawa. He’s married to Allie, who is one of the top knockouts in the company.

It’s possible that Don Callis will sign with Impact Wrestling although it’s not confirmed yet. Callis has been working for New Japan Pro Wrestling as an announcer. You may remember him as The Jackal in WWE.

Dutch Mantel (formerly Zeb Colter in WWE) is not going to Ottawa for BFG or the TV tapings. Mantel used to work on the creative team when Jeff Jarrett was running things earlier in the year, but he’s not involved as much anymore.

Jim Cornette will not be at Bound For Glory or the TV tapings and is likely done with the company.

There will be plenty of Canadian talents featured at the tapings as well as people on the technical side because it’s a cost cutting measure for Impact save money. By using a specified amount of Canadian workers, they will be able to get some tax breaks when producing the show.

All of that above info is from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson. There should be more info about talent changes in the next week as well.