Important: Sofia Vergara Was At A PWG Show Taking Selfies All Night

06.29.15 3 years ago 15 Comments

Lucha libre night!!!😬

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I don’t know how or why Sofia Vergara ended up at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla on Friday, but she was there with her bae Joe Manganiello. They’re literally the hottest two individuals to ever have body parts touch each other, so I’m not sure how anyone at PWG was able to concentrate.

I think they r dead

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Actually, I’m pretty sure they just fainted from the intense heat emanating from the front row. Now, my only other question is, whose idea was it to go? Let me find out that Vergara is a big Lucha fan. Like, the idea of being able to meet her one day and talk about ring psychology and what exactly happened with Mil Mascaras makes my brain cry a little bit.

Anyone else think Sofia and Joe would make a crazy heel couple?

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