Important Update: Kermit The Frog Answered Vince McMahon’s Challenge

By now we’re probably a little tired of seeing people doused with ice water for charity, but this is important.

When WWE’s Vince McMahon took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge he challenged Kermit The Frog. Such is the power of Vincent Kennedy McMahon: he has such a command over fictional creatures that he not only knows them well enough to casually challenge them, they do it. Kermit answered Mr. McMahon’s challenge today — noting that he was risking fatal injury in the process — and we may have officially reached the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge mountaintop. Kermit challenged his Muppets Most Wanted costars, and the only way you could escalate “Kermit the Frog almost dying for charity” is maybe putting Gonzo in a cannon and shooting him INTO the ice bucket.

Maybe next time.