Is The Great Khali Gone From WWE? Their Website Says ‘Maybe.’

No official announcement has been made so this could just be a slip of the mouse, but former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali has been moved to the alumni section of Here’s a shot of the page as it looks on Thursday night, with the Punjabi Playboy pictured alongside such luminaries as a wrestling turkey, both the real and fake version of Goldberg and an 8-foot tall nude man.

Khali was on almost every house show in September and October, but was left off of the European tour. He hasn’t been on television a lot this year, either, with his most memorable appearance was as John Cena’s comedy doorstop on an August episode of Monday Night Raw. He also had a surprising couple of weeks in NXT, wherein he was hugged by Bayley and defeated CJ Parker.

In case we need to “leave the memories alone” him, Khali is not only a former World Heavyweight Champion but a winner of the prestigious Slammy Award for “Damn!” Moment of the Year in 2008. If he’s truly gone, it ends an 8-year career that included feature films, television appearances and countless unexpected music cues that scare his opponents, but lead to not-super-threatening challenges.