It Was Fun While It Lasted: WWE Is Doing RKO Vines

Two days ago, Randy Orton “RKO from out of nowhere” Vines featuring a crudely edited-in Viper stalking and RKO’ing people from preexisting fail videos were a fun thing the Internet was doing. Later that afternoon, they were everywhere. Yesterday, the guy who made them had already made heavily watermarked compilation videos and sent them to Deadspin. Today, the trend is officially over.

Why? Because the newest RKO from out of nowhere was posted on WWE’s own Vine page. Yes, WWE has an official Vine stream, and yes, it’s like your parents finding out a new slang word and using it wrong. You can never use it the same way again. In true WWE fashion, they use the meme to take a shot at WCW.

[protected-iframe id=”c952127818cae871eefd52fd750c5c92-60970621-20122658″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]

On Monday, a wide-eyed Jerry Lawler will stare into the camera with a dead smile on his face and say, “these RKO Vines are outrageous!” I’m happy we could all briefly share these.