Does TNA’s James Storm Have NXT In His Future?

If you and I are anything alike, you’re probably still basking in that warm post-Takeover glow that we’ve all come to love so much. And much like previous NXT Takeovers, the day after the show usually starts to see some backstage chatter begin filtering out. Last time around, we learned that Asuka was on her way. This time, the rumors are surrounding a different (but equally unlikely) wrestler… “Cowboy” James Storm, who appears to be done with his previous home of TNA. ShakeThemRopes managed to get a picture of him entering the Performance Center a few hours before showtime.

I saw a few people saying that he was among the roster saluting Sasha Banks and Bayley at the end. Personally, I didn’t catch it, although I did catch a glimpse of a few other recent WWE signees. I see you, Rich Swann and Athena! Over on Twitter, Storm is being far from subtle about the whole thing. His profile picture is sporting the pink WWE/Susan G. Komen overlay, and he seems to be a fan of the WWE Network’s monthly pricing.

Like I said, far from subtle. So, where do we go from here? In all honesty, his Beer Money run with Bobby Roode was one of my favorite TNA things ever, so I’m not opposed to him joining up with NXT by any stretch of the imagination. He is 38 years old, though. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that he has his eye on a “player-coach” type of deal, so maybe he’s looking to gradually transition away from the ring. Whatever the case is, if you’d have told me years ago that James Storm, Sarita, Sara Del Rey, and Giant Bernard would be joining William Regal on the NXT faculty, I probably would have laughed at you.