The Green Power Ranger Is Still Angling For A UFC Fight With CM Punk: ‘I’m In His Head’

Since 2013, OG Green Power Ranger and world record holder for most boards broken during a skydive Jason David Frank has been trying to get an MMA fight with CM Punk. This was long before Punk was a UFC hopeful, and was just a pro wrestler who liked to hang out and do jiu-jitsu with Al Bundy. “CM Punk is legit. Many people think he isn’t, but he is,” were his comments.

When Punk left WWE in 2014, Frank upped his challenge. “So now that CM punk is out of his contracts and wants to do MMA. Why not me? … I’ll make any weight to make this happen!!” Punk responded by calling Frank a stalker, and the issue got personal.

Now, Frank is talking candidly to Fox Sports about how he’s in Punk’s head, and how Punk won’t accept the fight because he knows he’ll lose and “couldn’t live with himself.” SUMMON THE SHADE ZORD.

“I just know in my heart, and I’m happy if he dodges me and steps away from that ‘best in the world’ title to say I don’t want to fight JDF … There’s a reason why. Maybe I was too confident and maybe I’m in his head because people keep asking him about it. There’s nowhere to run. Step up and say ‘no.’ I’d give you more credit to say ‘I’m never going to fight you.’ He can’t say I’m not worthy or I’m not in his league because I’ve got more fights than he has.”

“I truly believe that he has it in his contract that he gets the last, final say on who he fights and he just won’t give it to me, because I already have fans behind me and he’ll lose to me and he couldn’t live with himself. Maybe he could lose to some no name and maybe he feels better losing to somebody else, but he doesn’t want to lose to me. That’s the bottom line.

“He’s never going to be able to run away because one day down the road he’s going to have to face me. Even if I’m 50. And when I’m 50 I’ll still beat him. I’m in his head and he knows I’m in his head. I’ve already won. If I’m not in his head, respond back.”

Punk should start with Billy Cranston and work his way up. Maybe throw hands at Bulk and Skull for a while until he’s ready to take on Putties.

A shoulder injury has reportedly pushed back Punk’s prospective UFC debut, so the question is less, “Will Punk fight Jason David Frank?” and more, “Will Punk fight in UFC at all?” Maybe injuries will let us skip UFC entirely and go straight to CM Punk vs. Tommy Oliver on the Celebrity Boxing circuit.