Jeff Jarrett’s Collaboration With New Japan Pro Wrestling Is Getting Closer

Have you heard about Global Force Wrestling?  It’s Jeff Jarrett’s latest foray into the world of wrestling promotions.  At some point, The King of the Mountain must have realized that he was rearranging deck chairs on the proverbial Titanic with TNA, so he resigned late last year.  Now that he’s free of the burdens of Impact’s impending cancellation and OSHA-violating powerbombs, he’s free to focus solely on Global Force, and he’s been making some pretty impressive moves.

The good news started when GFW announced international working partnerships – first with lucha libre company AAA, then with Japan’s Inoki Genome Federation (IGF).  The biggest partnership was announced in June, when New Japan Pro Wrestling formally announced they were on board by playing this video at their Dominion pay-per-view:

Today, news comes straight from NJPW that Jarrett himself will be at the finals of their G1 Climax tournament in the Seibu Dome to make some sort of announcement.  In the professional sense, he’s worked with Japanese talent before.  Remember, TNA had a pretty big working relationship with NJPW in the past.  New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom V was pretty much a crossover show between the two promotions.  And in exchange, NJPW got the privilege of sending their superstars to the bright lights of the Impact Zone, resulting in unforgettable moments like Hiroshi Tanahashi getting hit in the head by Shannon Moore. 

Also, this happened:

“Wrestle in America,” they said.  “It’ll be fun,” they said.  “Put on this mask and act like Bruce Lee because Asians are all similar,” they said.