Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Has Been Hospitalized

According to reports now making their way around the wrestling community, WWE legend Jerry “The King” Lawler has been hospitalized. It’s said that he’s been receiving treatment for Diverticulitis for the past few days, but there have been no updates as to the severity or his current condition.

Diverticulitis is a digestive disease where pockets form on the bowel wall and then all sorts of gross symptoms you can look up on your own that you probably don’t want to picture being associated with Jerry Lawler. You’ll also recall that it’s the same malady that afflicted Brock Lesnar back in 2009.

We all wish Lawler a speedy recovery, and will keep you updated on the story as it progresses. With any luck our next update will be “Jerry Lawler figured out how Brock Lesnar got his powers, is currently relaxing in Florida by F5ing sharks for funsies.”