Jerry The King Lawler Owns A Batmobile And Drives It Around Because It’s Good To Be The King

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler owns an original 1966 Batman TV show Batmobile. Maybe you already know this. It’s one of those stories I see, assume everyone knows about, see written up on Deadspin four days later and have to post about on day five for residual traffic. So, yeah, whether you were aware or not, Jerry Lawler owns a goddamn Batmobile.

The best part? It doesn’t just sit in storage somewhere. He DRIVES IT AROUND TOWN. Cooler still, he drives it to comic book conventions. Here’s Jerry leaving the Memphis Comic Expo:

[protected-iframe id=”9cbce89168782d38edcb2a48252c4d86-60970621-20122658″ info=”//” width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

A man in shirts like that should not be this cool.

If you’re wondering where Lawler got a Batmobile, remember: he knows Batman. The two originally met at a wrestling show down at the WHBQ offices in Memphis. Batman showed up in sweats and Lawler was a super villain. It was weird, but still probably better than anything Zack Snyder could come up with.

Here’s King talking about the car on the JBL & Cole Show.

So, don’t forget. Lawler drives a Batmobile. Michael Cole drives an invisible jet. JBL can command seahorses. Who the hell knows?