Things You Should Know About The Life Of Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura

07.17.15 4 years ago 32 Comments

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The wrestling business is packed with colorful, loud-mouthed weirdos, but Jesse “The Body” Ventura just may be the most colorful, loud-mouthed and wacky of them all. He’s at least a top contender to the title.

Ventura, who turned 64 this week, has reinvented himself as often as he changes bandannas. He’s been a soldier, body guard, singer, wrestler, commentator, actor, successful politician, conspiracy wingnut, and one hell of a snappy dresser. It would be impossible to cover all the unexpected things Jesse Ventura has done throughout his life and career, but we can at least try to scratch the surface. Here’s a few things you might not know about The Body, The Mind, The Mouth, Jesse Ventura…

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