Jesse Ventura Barged Onto The Opie Show To Gloat About His Courtroom Victory Over A Dead Navy SEAL

Former Governor and Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt Enthusiast Jessie Ventura interrupted an Opie Radio interview with UFC’s Urijah Faber to angrily shout about his recent lawsuit victory because… well, because Jesse Ventura, I guess.

In 2014, Ventura won his defamation lawsuit against now-deceased Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle over a passage in Kyle’s book American Sniper. Though the book did not mention Ventura by name, it described a celebrity dubbed ‘Scruff Face’ who said that SEALs “were doing the wrong thing, killing men and women and children and murdering.” Kyle supposedly punched this celebrity in the face for his continued inflammatory comments. Later, during a media tour to promote American Sniper, Kyle went on The Opie and Anthony Show and revealed that Ventura was the celebrity in question:

Jesse probably should have stuck around, because, as Jim Norton elaborates, they were pretty much on his side:

We actually kinda sided with Jesse on that one after we heard all sides. That’s typical him. That to me is why, in that moment, that to me is everything I don’t like about that guy.

I think he’s probably telling the truth. I literally think that he probably, the more I heard about that, and the more it got… I think he was probably being truthful about not getting knocked out by Chris Kyle.

A federal court awarded Jesse Ventura $1.845 million, only $500,000 of which was paid by publisher HarperCollins. Chris Kyle’s widow Taya Kyle was responsible for the rest. Due to “substantial evidence” supporting the verdict, she was denied a re-trial.

Ventura already has a bad history with the show, but then again, he seems bound and determined not to have a great history with pretty much anyone at this point: