Jesse Ventura Says That Jim Ross Was Jealous Of Him, And Revealed Who ‘Got Him Fired’ From WCW

Does it feel like we’re writing about Jesse Ventura a lot? Is it just that any Ventura stories almost feel like too much? Oh no, wait, he’s on a book tour and talking to anyone who will have him (or not have him, as the case may be). Ventura hit up Busted Open Nation to talk about his presidential hopes, Donald Trump, and how Good Ol’ JR was super mega jealous of him in WCW:

The real story was, when [WCW] brought me in they paid me big money because I made the jump from the WWF. A lot of people couldn’t handle the money they were paying me to just be an announcer, Bill Watts included, who was the head booker. I think Jim Ross was very jealous because he wouldn’t work with me. I would toss him lines and he wouldn’t respond to them, and he even admitted that he didn’t do the best job he could when he worked with me in WCW. I think Jim was jealous of the money I was getting which wasn’t my fault. He shouldn’t have blamed me for it. There never was the chemistry there with Jim Ross that I had with Vince or Gorilla.

I honestly feel like whenever Jesse Ventura pops up again, he’s like a slow-motion car wreck you can’t look away from. He could be 100 percent telling the truth about everything, but you can’t help but react with a mix of repulsion, skepticism, and absolute fascination. Like here, when he reveals the real reason he got fired:

The reason it ended up the way it did, was they brought Hogan in and then Hogan had me immediately dismissed. I remember, I had six months to go on my contract and I never had to work. They just paid me and I sat at home. Hogan came in and he did not want me on the mic there. He had the power to do it so Eric Bischoff—that little—I have a few names for him, the back stabber Eric Bischoff, and I never worked my last six months as soon as Hulk Hogan was brought in.

See? That could entirely be true. It’s not like it takes a lot of research to prove that historically Hulk Hogan can be a Real American Buttwipe. But then also literally everything else Jesse Ventura says ever. Maybe the C in WCW really stands for ‘Conspiracy.’ Maybe Hogan’s friends The Nasty Boys did 9/11. Maybe Hulk Hogan was inside us all along.

Ew, no, wait, definitely not.

h/t to SEScoops