Jim Ross Is Twitter Beefing With TNA’s Announce Team Over UFC And The NFL

Back in September, TNA Wrestling signed former WWE announcer and Tough Enough contestant Josh Mathews and eventually put him to work on the relaunched version of Impact on Destination America. His first job? Pissing off the sport’s most popular and legendary announcer.

Jim Ross took a break from watching lucha tapes, getting rappityfied and dramatically calling literally everything that has ever happened to comment on UFC “winning” against the NFL Playoffs. Mathews took offense (for some reason) and subtweeted about JR being an old man. BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP.


While it probably could’ve slash should’ve ended there, Josh took the opportunity to explain that he was finally allowed to spread his wings and be himself, which I guess is a confrontational weirdo.

At least he learned how to tag people. That’s progress.