McMahonsplaining, The With Spandex Podcast Episode 26: Jimmy Jacobs

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ROH Wrestling

We are very pleased this week to be joined by Jimmy Jacobs, who is currently with Impact Wrestling and back everywhere on the indies after leaving WWE, where he was responsible for a lot of your favorite things in recent years.

We’re also very pleased to be joined by LaToya Ferguson, longtime Jimmy Jacobs fan and UPROXX’s own resident Impact Wrestling recapper. Before talking to Jimmy, we had a great conversation about the journey from WWE fan to independent wrestling fan, and Jacobs’ role as an influential figure in many eras of the indie scene.

And stick around after the interview, as we run down LaToya’s dream women’s Elimination Chamber match. There’s plenty of audio content to go around this week, and every week, because we care about you, the listener.

Make sure you send your thoughts and questions to, because we’ll read the best emails on the show, and we have a lot of cool giveaways to give away.

You can follow McMahonsplaining on Twitter, along with With Spandex proper. Our theme song is by J.W. Friedman, who is great. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play or you can stream the episode below or download it on Omny Studio.

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