Joey Janela’s Spring Break Is Your Can’t-Miss Show Of WrestleMania Week

WrestleMania week is turning Orlando into a hub of wrestling activities. Between WWE, WrestleCon, the good folks over at WWN Live, and more, the list of events you could possibly attend in the city is clocking in at almost 100 different wrestling-related activities. With Evolve and Progress tickets in high demand, and people flocking to WWE Axxess events all week, there’s one independent show setting out to separate itself from the pack.

Joey Janela’s Spring Break is the epitome of someone making all of their wrestling dreams come true. I mean, Glacier? Dan Severn? Yes. Good. Watching up-and-coming hoss/Uproxx favourite Keith Lee beat the tar out of Lio Rush? Yeah, I’ll stay up late for that.

The show also features Janela himself going up against the Marty Jannetty of our generation, Marty Jannetty, in a match only happening because he wished on an antique store teapot, and Scott Hall the Genie popped out to grant Janela’s wish.

Realistically, the show (a’so being broadcast live on FloSlam) could be a glorious train wreck starring a lot of east coast indie wrestlers you happen to like, but at this point the promos are already fun enough that, I mean, who even cares? I wanna hang out with Glacier and watch John Silver fight the Invisible Man (who has the best promo maybe ever):