John Cena Brought A Kid Fighting Cancer Into The Ring, And It Was All Kinds Of Wonderful

On Monday Night Raw, Kevin Owens and John Cena met in the ring to cut promos on one another about being real men and whathaveyou. Here’s a quick recap from this week’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw:

The Fan Nation clip makes the promo a little better because it skips the horrible shit at the beginning and jumps to Cena defending the legitimacy of his catchphrases, pointing out a kid battling cancer in the crowd and telling the kid to never give up. That’s powerful stuff, and while yeah, I can see how you’d get mad at him for basically shielding himself with a dying child, it was an genuine and touching thing to do. He made that kid’s life. The humanitarian work Cena does is legit, and he should be able to say, “nope, I am real. I am a colorful super hero cartoon character, but this is my real life. What I do matters.”

When you take the characters away, the fact is that, within that promo, Cena already did something incredible for a fan who’s experiencing one of the toughest things anyone ever has to go through. Cena took a step further, bringing this kid into the ring, and pointing out that everyone around was cheering just for him. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the story the characters portray, but this kid? This kid is real, and for a few minutes, John Cena made him feel amazing. That’s really what matters.